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Over seven years here in the Algarve with Boatshed ! it has truely flown past.

I was a pale faced newby to the marine industry, also not used to "face to face" business with the general public, if motor boaters, yachties and fisherman can be called "General".

The simplest deal can be made exceedingly complex by; individual tastes, ambitions, red tape and in many cases the need to squeeze the very last ounce from a deal. My past "business to business" experience of 30 years, where the mutual understanding that all should walk away from the negotiating table relatively happy, has simply evaporated !

I am not a diary writer or regular blogger, however, I am sure I can remember sufficient detail to write a best selling Yach Brokers Biography !

All that said, we still have location and a business, that creates envy and admiration in equal measures.

The financial crisis hit us early and hard here in 2008 our "anus horribilis", smaller motor boat sales our "bread and butter" dried up, fortunately since then our markets have improved particularly after weakening of the Euro, if we can maintain this level, in what is still a very difficult market, then we will be in a great position to increase business on the upturn.

Most of our are to Northern European clients, we have sent boats to Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Also a smattering of ex-pat Brits purchased small cabin cruisers here in the Algarve, many looking to escape the grey weather and even darker news stories at home.

We are seeing increased interest in 35ft yachts, ideally younger than 10 years old and a trend away from motor boats, at least for the present, large motor yacht sales are not surprsingly few and far between.

The Algarve "all year round" destination, has the Weather, Golf and Boating listed as it's core. Alas not now the cheapest destination in Europe but excellent value for money given the quality of the experience.

The Algarve has invested significantly in infastructure during the last ten years, taking great advantage of European Union funding. New Marinas are planned and construction has already started at Feregudo, near Portimao. This new marina aimed at fifty foot plus yachts, compliments the new motor racing circuit and luxury villa developments.

If you have not been to the Algarve, you should try it, we have Western European Time (same as UK and Ireland) and are only 2.5 hours from most central European Airports. If you have been before why not come and see the changes.

If of course your looking to re-locate your vessel, or find a destination to purchase one, please contact us first.